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Discovery of 40 new Emerald Mines in Panjshir Province


The Department of Mines and Petroleum in the province of Panjshir has recently announced a significant discovery – the unearthing of 40 new emerald mines within the province. This remarkable find not only underscores the geological richness of Panjshir but also holds promise for the future development of the local mining industry.

Mohammad Qasim Amiri, the head of the Mines and Petroleum Department in Panjshir Province, has announced the discovery of these 40 mines in the Parian district of Panjshir Province.

Mr. Amiri has stated that approximately 1,250 emerald mines have been identified in Panjshir Province by the Mines and Petroleum Department.

According to him, licenses for extraction have been issued for 550 of these emerald mines, providing opportunities for hundreds of workers to engage in mining activities.

Since the Taliban took control of the country, local authorities in Panjshir Province have sold about 244 crates of freshly extracted emeralds for the first time through a transparent volunteer process with the presence of officials and a monitoring committee from the Panjshir mining sector, according to local authorities of Panjshir. These sales amounted to a total value of $24,569,000 for the country’s traders.

Countries like Brazil, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Colombia possess the majority of emerald mines and have higher global production. However, Afghanistan’s emeralds are unique in their transparency and hold a distinctive place worldwide.



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