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Disabled young Afghan artist dreams to become professional teacher

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The story of a young disabled Afghan girl has gone viral in Afghanistan with reports and stories surfacing the media regarding her extraordinary drawing skills.

The young Rubaba is disabled from her legs and hands but she dreams to become a professional teacher in the future despite her family is suffering from poverty and she is not able to walk and perform like other children.

Her heartbreaking story has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of people after she appeared she in various Television reports, causing the social media users to overwhelmingly share her stories in the internet.

The 16-year-old Rubaba says she wants to become a professional artist and teacher in the future as she is practicing the art at home using her teeth to grab the pencil.

The young girl says she is also interested to learn English language and attend classes in school similar as other children.

She was born disabled but Rubaba says she has learnt a lot by studying at home and looking at her brothers and sisters.

Rubaba is now able to write and is hopeful to have more achievements in the future as she believes disability is not a barrier to stop someone from reading, writing and participating in social affairs.

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  1. Rubaba was given a great gift! Perhaps she could consider using her talent making cards and selling them.

    People could buy her handmade cards to give to their friends and family

    celebrating holidays like Ramadan, Nowruz , Eid al Fitr , Eid al Adha. The income she would receive could go to art supplies and paying a tutor to teach her reading and writing a few hours every day at her home. Or even towards a wheel chair ! She could get outdoors more to enjoy nature and meet children her own age. I wish her the very best.


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