The Deputy Interior Minister Gen. Khoshal Sadat has announced that the police chiefs of 11 police districts have been replaced in Kabul city.

Gen. Sadat informed regarding the changes in a Twitter post which was released today.

According to Gen. Sadat, the decision to replace police chiefs in 11 police districts was taken due to the existing security situation which he called as unacceptable.

“Current security situation of Kabul city is not acceptable. District chiefs were unable to fulfil their duties professionally. I decided to changed 11 of the Kabul district chiefs and appointed new ones. If they don’t change the status quo in 90 days, they will be fired too,” Gen. Sadat said.

He did not provide further information and it is yet not clear in which police districts that changes have been incorporated.

This comes as efforts are underway to improve the security situation of capital Kabul and other key cities and provinces of the country.