January 18, 2018

Deputy Afghan President criticize Afghan judiciary system

By Sajad - Sat Nov 03 2012, 8:44 pm

Deputy Afghan President Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim criticized the Afghan judiciary system and accused the Afghan government for being failed to properly follow and try those involved behind criminal acts.

While speaking during a gathering Mohammad Qasim Fahim said lack of proper legal system is the main motive behind growing violence in Afghanistan.

This comes as the Afghan people have repeatedly accused the government for an equal and proper implementation of law in the country however this is the first time deputy Afghan president points out the issue and accused the judiciary institutions for being failed to try the criminal individuals.

He was speaking in overall conference for the Afghan attorney on Saturday and said lack of proper implementation of law was the main reason behind growing violence in the country and urged the security and judiciary institutions for equal and proper implementation of all on those involved behind criminal acts.

Mohammad Qasim Fahim said, “One of the main issue that we face today which prevents stability in the society is due to lack of implementation of law and those arrested by Afghan security forces for kidnappings, robbery, murder, bribery are released after serving a short period of time in jails and are committing more crimes.”

In the meantime Afghan attorney general officials said they are looking to organize a major conference in Kabul to discuss the main issues and find ways to resolve the issue.

The overall conference of the Afghan attorney kicked off on Saturday in capital Kabul on Saturday and will continue for another two days.

The conference was attended by deputy Afghan interior minister, chief of the human rights commission, US ambassador in legal and judiciary section, members of the Afghan supreme court, Afghan lawmakers and Afghan attorney generals from various provinces of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile an Afghan attorney general official in response to deputy president’s criticism said they have reviwed over 16000 criminal cases during the first month of the current Afghan calendar year.

He said over 1300 cases belong to violence against women.

Afghan Attorney General chief Ishaq Aloko said the Afghan Attorneys are currently facing major issues and said the central Attorney General office is aware of the issues that the Afghan attorneys are facing in various provinces of Afghanistan.

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  1. The Afghan VP is right in saying that the justice is not done to punish criminals and murderers properly in order to stop people committing crimes in the country .

  2. It’s high time that the Afghan judiciary shook itself up. Its questionable attitude is giving wrong signals to the world community.

  3. If he criticized the judiciary in a private chat, there shouldn’t be a problem. I think he should be answerable only if he says something publicly.

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