December 17, 2017

Deport Niloofar Rahmani to Afghanistan, Open Letter to Obama requests

By Khaama Press - Fri Dec 30 2016, 9:38 am

A group of Afghan activists have requested the US President Barack Obama to reject asylum application of Captain Niloofar Rahmani and deport her to Afghanistan, insisting that the first fixed-wing female Afghan pilot does not face any kind of threats.

“The findings of the White Assembly’s Research Team show that Ms. Nelofar Rahmani, the Fixed-wing Air Force aviator of Afghanistan, who filled an asylum application for the United States of America, is not facing any forms of threats, while she enjoys a safe atmosphere with some extraordinary security masseurs. Furthermore, there is no threat and obstacle for her to carry out her duties safely and securely in Afghanistanboth in her career environment and her personal life,” the activists said in an Open Letter to US President Barack Obama.

The letter further states that “Thus, the White Assembly, which is consisted of educated youths, policy makers, human rights activists, university professors, civil society activists, and analysts across Afghanistan, is requesting the government of the United States of America and all other respective organizations to reject her asylum application and deport her back to Afghanistan in the soonest possible, because the Afghan government has invested and spent millions of dollars on her education and capacity building. On the other hand, she is one of the main and vitalcadres for Afghanistan, and we severely need her for our country.”

“We believe that accepting and granting asylum to such individuals, who hold vital position and have important responsibilities, not only has bad impact to our country, but also encourages other citizens to seek asylum through illegal ways and/or seek asylum while their send to official visits by Afghan government to the United States of America and other developed countries,” the letter adds.

The Afghan nation was shocked when news regarding Captain Rahmani emerged last week of requesting asylum in US with some condemning the act while some speaking in her favor.

She is one of the celebrated pilots in the history of Afghanistan for being the first female pilot to fly fixed-wing plane and was presented the International Women of Courage award for the year 2015 in Washington DC.

Capt. Rahmani broke a sobering piece of news to her American trainers, saying she still wants to be a military pilot, but not under her country’s flag. This summer, she filed a petition seeking asylum in the United States, where she hopes to eventually join the Air Force.

“Things are not changing” for the better in Afghanistan, Captain Rahmani told The New York Times in an interview on Friday. “Things are getting worse and worse.”

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  1. I think that miss Rahmani must return to home in order to give hope and courage to upcoming female military personnel

  2. Overall it’s sad but not her foult, she must be given the right to choose what she believes is best for her. It’s no different than engineers or doctors who settle abroad in thousands every year from our countries.

    1. engineers and doctors paid for their own education so they are not liable for anything back home, where Rahmmani she has been paid by the government to gain qualification so she is re-possible to pay back or complete her time is she contract on.

  3. Every time Afghan betray Pak to please hundus now its time to taste their own medicine when their own womens betray them for just better living. Shameless people

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