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Denmark provides $6.2 million for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan


Denmark has donated $6.2 million (DKK 42 million) to the United Nations Special Trust Fund for Afghanistan (STFA) for humanitarian aid.

The United Nations Trust Fund for Afghanistan has publicly acknowledged Denmark’s contribution, emphasizing its goal to empower Afghan citizens, particularly women and girls.

A staggering statistic from the STFA reveals that approximately 24 million people in Afghanistan urgently require humanitarian assistance for survival in the year 2024.

Denmark’s commitment to aiding Afghanistan is commendable, with their contributions exceeding $20 million since late 2021, as reported on the STFA website.

The Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF), managed by OCHA and established in 2014, serves as a crucial resource for targeted and rapid humanitarian responses in Afghanistan.

The AHF operates under the authority of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) and allows for the efficient distribution of funds to address the most critical needs in the country.

Denmark’s recent donation underscores the importance of international support in addressing the dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, with a focus on the vulnerable, including women and girls.



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