Hundreds of local residents in northern Baghlan province following demonstrations during the past 3 days urge district chief for Nahrin to resign from his position.

More than 500 demonstrators on Sunday continued to their rallies and accused provincial officials for being reckless to take necessary actions prior to flash floods and urged Mohammad Gul district chief for Nahrin to resign from his position.

The demonstrators said Nahrin district chief received 100,000 Afghanis from the provincial governor to assist those who have suffered to from flash floods and other natural disasters however the fund was not properly spent by Mohammad Gul.

In the meantime Mohammad Gul Sharaf Nahrin district chief denied the allegations of the local residents and said he allocated the funds for the construction of masonry walls in this district and the remaining funds were spent in other public welfare sectors.

Several people were killed and hundreds hectares of land were destroyed following flash floods in a number of provinces of Afghanistan recently, including northern Nahrin district in Baghlan province. Several houses were also destroyed and hundreds of cattle were killed during the floods.

Report by Ajmal Omeri, Baghlan province.