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Democrats’ concerns over Biden’s age; Biden affirms participation in electoral competition

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While many Democrats are calling for Joe Biden to step aside due to his age and advocating for another person to replace him in the electoral competition, Biden recently announced that he will continue to compete in the country’s presidential elections.

Biden stated that he will return to the arena again following his poor performance in last week’s debate with former President Donald Trump.

A statement from the White House emphasized that President Biden is focused on continuing his responsibility to serve the American people and has no intention of stepping aside.

Nevertheless, Biden asserted that no one can dissuade him from seeking the party’s nomination, and he has no intention of stepping aside until victory in the elections.

Biden has assured his participation in the 2024 electoral competitions, despite some Democrats openly questioning whether the 81-year-old American president has the mental and physical capability to endure rigorous electoral campaigns over the next four months and potentially serve for four years if victorious.

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden, the U.S. President, and Donald Trump, the former president, has been met with widespread reactions.

The host of this 90-minute electoral duel, broadcast by CNN, reported that nearly 50 million people followed this intense competition via television, with millions more watching on social media.

This electoral duel has been closely watched by viewers, with CNN’s post-debate poll showing that 67% of viewers favored Donald Trump’s better performance.

BBC World Service reported, “Joe Biden’s campaign team was prepared to defend his performance after the debate with Donald Trump with all their might. However, they found themselves cornered.”

Meanwhile, The New York Times editorial board also suggested that Biden should step aside due to his weak performance in this electoral debate, proposing that another Democratic nominee be sent into the electoral arena.

During the debate, Biden struggled with a weak and hoarse voice, while his memory lapses were criticized in several instances. In contrast, Trump demonstrated relatively good debate skills, effectively countering his opponent’s attacks.

This situation prompted Biden’s campaign team to face a barrage of questions regarding his age and poor performance, with a BBC reporter at the debate venue noting that Biden’s campaign team “found themselves cornered.”

Despite this, Trump’s campaign team, focusing on Biden’s weak performance, claimed a “major victory.” Trump, without facing media pressure, immediately declared in a speech after the debate, “Joe Biden’s problem is not his age. It’s his competence. He is severely incompetent.”

Biden, under significant media scrutiny, defended himself by stating, “I know I’m not young, it’s obvious. I won’t easily step aside… I don’t debate as well as I used to. But one thing I know. I know how to speak the truth, and I know how to do my job (as president).”

A CNN poll conducted after the Biden-Trump debate last week indicated a 6% decrease in Joe Biden’s popularity, dropping from 37% to 31%. In contrast, Trump’s performance in the debate increased his popularity from 40% to 43%.

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