January 18, 2018

Deadly traffic incident leaves 22 dead or injured in Herat

By Ghanizada - Thu Mar 06 2014, 11:04 am

afghan-bus-crashA deadly traffic incident left at least 22 people dead or injured in western Herat province of Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial police department, confirming the report, said the incident took place late Wednesday in Shindand district.

Mr. Ahmadi confirmed at least five people died and 17 others were injured following the incident.

He said the incident took place in Dorahi area of Shindand district after a passenger bus collided with a van.

According to Ahmadi, a number of the injured passengers are critical health condition and they are currently being treated in Adraskan and Herat provincial hospitals.

Local officials blame drivers for reckless driving on main highways of Afghanistan which leads to deadly traffic accidents.

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  1. How horrible! I wonder if a small part of the $1+billion in economic development assistance funding the USA pulled back from Afghanistan this year could have gone into a study leading to freeway widening or speed limit signs. I feel so bad all those poor innocent people had to leave the world so tragically.

  2. Of course the Afghan government would have to properly track the money spent, which is something they have a big problem doing, leading their main benefactor to making the huge cuts in the first place, because of massive fraudulent spending, diverting funds to illegal or inappropriate areas and hoping the main benefactor would not discover the corruption and act on it.

    Yes Jenny, it is tragic the people had to die. But rather than installing speed limit signs, or road widening, maybe seat belts would be a cheaper safer option. I’m going to guess they don’t even know what they are or have any intention of wearing them if they had them.

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