A deadly airstrike targeted a gathering of the Taliban insurgents in southeastern Paktika province of Afghanistan.

According to the local government officials, the airstrike was carried out by the foreign in Zeruk district.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Mohammad Rahman Ayaz said at least twenty insurgents including three commanders of the group were killed in the airstrike.

He said two of the commanders killed in the airstrike have been identified as Afghan Waziristani and Hazifa.

Ayaz further added that the Taliban gathering was targeted by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle as they had participated in the funeral of another Taliban leader Kerat Khan.

The local officials are saying that Keramat Khan was a notorious Taliban who had a major role in insurgency activities in this province.

Paktika is among the relatively calm provinces but the anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban insurgents and militants of the notorious Haqqani terrorist network are actively operating in some of its districts.

The latest airstrike on Taliban in Paktika comes as the US forces based in Afghanistan have stepped up airstrikes against the insurgent groups under a broader role granted to them earlier last year.