De Maiwand Atalan football team qualified to semifinals of Afghanistan football premier league by defeating their rival Simorgh Alborz.

The match between De Maiwand Atalan and Simorgh Alborz was organized on Tuesday during which De Maiwand Atalan managed to defeat Simorgh Alborz 2-0 to qualify to the semifinals.

De Maiwand Atalan’s Faiz Mohammad Faizi scored the first goal for his team during the 12th minute of the first half of the game while Ghulam Rasool scored the second goal during the 91th minute of the second half.

According to Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF), De Abasin Sape will face Mawjhai Amu football team this evening.

The Shaheen Asmayee football team had earlier defeated De Spinghar Bazan 3-1 during a similar match and qualified to the semifinals of the Afghanistan football premier league.