The Abasin Sape football team has qualified to the semifinals of the Afghan football premier league after last evening’s match against Mawjhai Amu football team.

The match between De Abasin Sape and Mawjhai Amu football teams ended in 1-1 in draw.

The Mawjhai Amu’s Lal Pacha Tarakhel scored the first goal for his team during the 4th minute of the first half of the game with Mawjhai Amu taking a lead of 1-0 during the first half.

However, it was Khalil Ahmad Ahmadi who leveled the score during the second half of the game by hitting a goal in the 84th of the match.

Mawjhai Amu’s Mahboobullah Kakar was awarded the player of the match award.

According to the organizers of the Afghan premier league, De Abasin Sape team has qualified to the semifinals of the premier league despite a draw against Mawjhai Amu in last evening’s game.

In the meantime, the Toofan Harirod football team will face Oqaban Hindukosh football this evening.