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Curfew imposed, life in Kabul under Taliban’s control

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

As the Taliban have taken control over the metropolis, life in the busiest and most populated city of Afghanistan thoroughly changed and the residents are not living a life they used to do just until August 14.

The Taliban have imposed a curfew and no one is allowed to go out of home after 9 pm but in cases of emergencies.

Members of the Afghanistan Islamic Emirate have announced the curfew in every mosque of Kabul and have shared their contact numbers in case people need help after the banned time.

The curfew is said to be in place until the next announcement.

The members have also been busy arresting thieves in the city and are punishing them differently which has been appreciated by the citizens.

Some culprits are seen to be taken to Police outposts, some have been beaten while others-mostly teenagers- have been pardoned and are warned to be punished in case they repeat.

The Taliban though have not warned against wearing jeans by boys and girls neither they officially banned listening to music, boys are very rarely seen to be wearing jeans while girls have completely stopped wearing ones.

When it comes to music listening, no one listening to music in public nor are the restaurants playing loud music, what they used to do to attract diners.

TV channels have also changed, they are not broadcasting music nor are they telecasting the TV series they would do in the peak hours.

The Afghanistan Islamic Emirate has not announced laws for any of these but the people are self-preventing themselves because they recall the Taliban’s regime in the 90s when all these were banned.

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  1. Thank you for your reporting. I’m sure it’s dangerous for you, but I hope you’ll continue to show the world what is really happening inside Afghanistan during these terrible times. My heart goes out to the real Afghans.


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