James-CunninghamThe US ambassador to Afghanistan, James Cunningham, called on Afghan presidential candidates, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai to fulfil their commitments and end the lenghty election process.

Cunnigham told reporters it is vital that the next president of Afghanistan should be elected by end of this month so that he attends the important international summits, including the NATO summit in Wales.

He rejected that the unity government was proposed by Washington and said the formation of a unity government was an idea proposed by Afghan politicians.

Cunningham expressed concerns that the Afghan people are not clear regarding the details of the unity government and no specific definition has been provided in this regard.

However, Cunningham said the formation of a unity government is a better option considering the current situation of Afghanistan.

The remarks by Cunningham comes as the US Secretary of State John Kerry made two visit to Afghanistan to end the political impasse due to the elections.

Both Abdullah and Ghani agreed to a complete vote audit and formation a unity government following Kerry’s visit to Afghanistan. However, there are concerns regarding disputes between the two camps which could further delay the audit process.