Afghan-police-respond-to-Kabul-attack-via-AFPA group of suicide bombers launched a coordinated attack on Logar Appellate Court in central Afghanistan.

A security official confirmed that the attack was carried out by three militants armed with suicide vests and automatic rifles.

The official further added that seven people including the head of Logar Appellate Court were killed in the attack.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Salim Saleh said the Appellate Court Chief of Logar Mohammad Akram Nejat was killed along with six other members of the court in the attack.

Saleh further added that 23 others including the civilians and members of the court were injured in the attack.

A group of Taliban suicide bombers launched a similar attack on Ghazni Appellate Court on Wednesday, leaving several people dead or wounded.

This comes as the Taliban group vowed to target the judiciary institutions following the execution of 6 militants over terror offences by the Afghan government earlier last month.