Badakhshan governor’s press office reported, that construction of the Shorabak power dam in Faizabad city has progressed up to 90% and will be finalized within 3 months.

Mohammad Zakaria Sawda, the governor of Badakhshan province, visited and monitored the progress of the Shorabak power dam project, Today.

In a newsletter published by the Badakhshan governor’s press office, officials of the construction firm informed about the progress in the project and added, that they will complete the construction work in three months.

The Governor of Badakhshan embraced the project’s progress, and said, that with the completion of this project, much of the “shortages of electricity” in Faizabad city will be solved.

The Shorabak dam in Badakhshan province completes its final phase of construction over the Kokcha River at a cost of 42 million Euros with the cooperation of Germany.