Ambassador of the European Union for Afghanistan Andreas von Brandt (left) (PHOTO: Ambassador’s twitter)

KABUL, Afghanistan – Ambassador of the European Union for Afghanistan Andreas Von Brandt, at a meeting in the European Parliament Friday, drew attention to the increasing hunger crisis in Afghanistan, saying there is consensus on non-recognition of the Taliban government in Western world.

According to Brandt, the world is trying to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, not to the de facto government, exclaiming the consensus of the international community is that the Islamic Emirate should not be given formal recognition.

“We have a very cautious approach…and I think …if there are a few good things at the moment it is, that there is the tremendous consensus on the non-recognition in the entire Western world and I actually don’t see that changing in the near future,” he said, as TOLOnews quoted.

Meanwhile, political analyst believe the current situation in Afghanistan could get worse if the Taliban leadership will not consider an inclusive government, saying such could also pave the way for the international community to offer formal recognition to the group.

“If the people’s demand to form an inclusive government is not taken into consideration, the situation will not only worsen, but the government won’t be recognized by the international community,” said Sayed Sajad Sajadi, international relations expert.

“The international community and the people of Afghanistan want the current government to include diverse layers of educated youth and representatives from different ethnic groups,” said Ahmad Monib Rasa, political analyst.



But the so-called Islamic Emirate government has repeatedly defied the international community, saying its leadership has “fulfilled all the promises it made with the United States in the Doha Agreement.”

“The Islamic Emirate does not allow anyone to use the territory of Afghanistan against the United States and its allies,” said Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Zabihullah Mujahid in a thread. “In addition, IEA is also committed to providing all the Shariah rights of its citizens.”

Reflecting on the overall security of the country, the spokesman said a “peaceful atmosphere” has been created in the country, where women and men could rightfully take part on Afghanistan’s development.

“In Afghanistan, a normal life and peaceful atmosphere has been created for women and men, and the rights of all minorities are maintained,” he said. “Moreover, the system and way of life in Afghanistan are issues related to Afghans.”

Previously the United States and Russia have said that it is still too early to decide whether to recognize the Islamic Emirate until it meets the conditions of the international community, which are focused on humans rights and inclusivity of the Afghan government.