January 20, 2018

Concerns over security situation in Afghanistan beyond 2014

By Ghanizada - Tue Jan 24 2012, 10:58 am

Human Rights Watch Organization warned that the situation become unstable in key regions of Afghanistan if NATO troops leaves the country and International Community reduces its aid to Afghanistan.

The Human Rights Watch Organization in its latest report warns that the situation will become unstable beyond 2014 in Afghanistan.

The report states, Afghans are facing various issues including lack of law, weak governance, civilian casualties, corruption, violence against women, weak judiciary institutions and torture of detainees.

Human Rights Watch also expressed concerns in regards to the poor situation of women in Afghanistan.

The report also expressed that the Afghan government and International Community could not properly control the security situation as the majority of local commanders and militias have abused the rights of the Afghan civilians.

The report also criticized Taliban and other militants group for violating human rights in Afghanistan.

In the meantime Officials in Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission expressed concerns over the recent report of the Human Rights Watch and said that certain developments have not been considered in the report despite the the Human Rights of Afghanistan agrees with the major portion of the report.

Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission said, delay in assessing the cases of the detainees, corruption, human rights violation and lack in implementing law are the main reasons which have created distance between the Afghans and the government.

However officials in Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission said, the issues have been shared and they have insisted the Afghan government to step up actions for resolving these issues.

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