The Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs of Afghanistan has warned all the Mullah Imams of mosques in Afghanistan to prevent propagandas and statements which are against the national interest of Afghanistan.

The officials also warned to introduce those individuals to security institutions if they continued to their propagandas.

Deputy of the Afghan Haj and Religious Affairs Ministry Abdul Haq Abid said statements which are against the against the national interest of Afghanistan inside the mosques are unjustifiable.

This comes as the Afghan officials expressed concerns regarding the misuse of mosques in the favor of the militants where the security officials have also doubled monitoring the religious Madrasas recently.

Reports in eastern Ghazni province also suggest Mullah Imams of the mosques in this province have stepped up anti-government propagandas.

Afghan National Directorate for Security (NDS) have also reported that insurgents use mosques and other religious infrastructures as the safe havens for themselves and are being supported by Mullah Imams.