The leader of Hezb Islami Gulbuddin on Thursday reacted to the scheme announced by the Grand National Coalition regarding the upcoming presidential elections.

The coalition’s member and former presidential adviser Ahmad Zia Massoud last Thursday unveiled the scheme regarding presidential elections, stating that the coalition’s scheme for presidential elections include a nominee as  presidential runner and three candidates as Vice Presidential nominees.

Massoud further added that the coalition would only pick a candidate from the leadership council of the Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan.

Similarly, he said the coalition would also introduce a nominee for prime minister and three candidates as deputies of the Prime Ministerial post.

However, Hekmatyar told reporters in Kabul that the scheme presented by the Grand National Coalition is not justified.

Hekmatyar also reacted to the ongoing efforts regarding the formation of the transitional and government and sharing of power with Taliban, claiming that certain circles are attempting to grab more power by convening a summit similar to Bonn conference but such an event would never take place.