Two suspects facing the wall after being caught by CNPA over drug trafficking, Oct. 15, 2020.

TAKHAR, Afghanistan – Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) nabbed at least 10 suspects over drug trafficking charges, said the Ministry of Interior Affairs in a statement Thursday morning, after its counter narcotics team carried  multiple operations in North and Northeast provinces of Afghanistan.

According to statement, the CNPA seized at least 29 packs of heroin during the operation.

“10 drug traffickers arrested following several separate Counter-Narcotics operations carried out by CNPA in Takhar, Ghazni & Herat provinces,” said MoIA in a tweet. “CNPA seized 29 packs of heroin as well.”


[EARLIER: ‘Scores Busted over Multiple Charges in Kabul’]

KABUL, Afghanistan – Security officials arrested at least seven suspects over multiple charges in Afghan capital Kabul, said the Ministry of Interior Affairs in a statement Thursday morning.

According to the statement, security forces carried several operations in different parts of the capital, including PD1 (Police District), PD4, PD5 and PD13, bringing seven to custody.

Seven suspects involving in different criminal cases were arrested during several separate raids carried out by ANP in PD#1, PD#4, PD#5 & PD#13 of Kabul City,” MoIA said in tweet.

Official did not elaborate on the identities of the suspects, or the type of crime they committed, but said all seven are introduced to “relevant authorities” for further investigation.

“ANP has referred the cases to relevant authorities for further process,” the tweet added.

Arrest came days after the Ministry gave a “shoot” order to local police, after Kabul resident demonstrated wide-spread concern over armed robberies and kidnapping throughout the city.


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