1392315659000-pakistan-valentinesAccording to reports, at least four university students were injured following clashes between two rival student groups in Pakistan.

Police officials in Pakistan said the incident took place in country’s northwest over celebration fo Valentine’s Day.

A local police official, Rahim Hussain, said clashes between the two groups started in University of Peshawar after a liberal group rallied in the favor of the romantic holiday.

Mr. Hussain further added that both members of the liberal group and conservative group started throwing stones at each other and used weapons to fire in the air.

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He confirmed that four students were injured following the clashes which lasted for several minutes.

The young are increasingly using Valentine’s Day as a form of rebellion – some call it a silent revolution of sorts, despite conservatives in Pakistan every year call for people to boycott Valentine’s Day.

In a devout Muslim society where adultery is punishable by death and public displays of love are forbidden, celebrating on this day is a direct challenge to the rigid Islamic groups that hold sway in the country and who deem such displays as immoral.

However, the holiday is still widely celebrated in Pakistan where people buy flowers, pink teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons.


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