According to local security officials in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan, heavy clashes took place between Afghan national police forces in this province on Thursday afternoon.

Central Baghlan district security Chief Mohammad Kameen confirming the report said the incident took place at the central city of central Baghlan district, killing at least 3 Afghan police officers.

Mr. Kameen further added the incident took place around 2 pm local time after a group of special police forces did not pay attention towards the city police forces instructions, which triggered clashes among the police forces.

In the meantime reports suggest that bodyguards of an irresponsible commander were using uniforms of the special police forces which forced city police to open fire.

An official in Central Baghlan district hospital confirmed that two individuals killed and another one who was injured were taken to the hospital.

Dr. Khalil Narmgo said the individual who was injured died of his wounds in the hospital.