120210-M-MM918-003According to local authorities in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, at least 10 Afghan police officers were killed or injured following clashes among the police forces.

The incident reportedly took place in Khanshin district following verbal clashes among the police officers, leaving at least 3 service members dead and 7 others injured.

District chief for Khanshin, Haji Anwar Khan confirming the report said district security chief of Khanshin was also among those injured during the clashes.

It is yet not clear if it was an insider attack, however, Khanshin district chief said Afghan security institutions have launched an investigation in this regard.

Taliban group frequently claim responsibility behind such attacks, and the group earlier this year announced that several Taliban fighters have infiltrated among the Afghan security forces to carry out insider attacks.

Insider attacks or green on blue attacks have been one of the major concerns both for the Afghan and coalition security forces which have left dozens of Afghan and NATO troops dead during the recent years.