Afghan border policeA clash erupted among the Afghan and Pakistani border forces in Goshta district of Nangarhar province, local officials said Sunday.

The incident took place after the Pakistani forces started shelling Goshta district, forcing the Afghan forces to respond.

The officials further added that clashes continued for several hours, claiming the life of border police force and leaving two others wounded.

There are no reports regarding the casualties of the Pakistani border forces.

This comes as a similar incident took place in Goshta district earlier last month following Pakistani militia forces attack in Anarki area of Goshta district.

The Pakistani military has stepped up cross-border incursions during the recent months which comes after considerable reduction in indiscriminate shelling during the past one year.

The Pakistani air force helicopters also violated the Afghan air space by entering the Afghan soil and dropping several bombs in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan earlier last month.

The cross-border incursions by Pakistani forces sparked furor among the Afghan officials with the Afghan officials saying such violations harms the national sovereignty of Afghanistan.