Aftermath of the blast that jolted area surrounding the provincial office of martyr and women affairs in Ghor province Sunday morning, Oct. 18, 2020 [Photo: Zabihullah Wafa/Khaama Press]

GHOR, Afghanistan – Local residents and civilians are a vast majority of the victims who were hit during a car bombing in Firozkoh, capital city of Ghor province, on Sunday, according to figures provided by security officials.

The blast that was initially reported to have occurred near the provincial police HQ, was later confirmed to have rocked area close to the local department of martyr and women affairs; the blast left at least 16 dead and wounded further 151 people.

All the 15 victims are civilians, including children and people with disabilities, who were gathered at the scene in normal routine.

Meanwhile, at least 120 of the all injured during the blast are also civilians, marking a vast majority of people being affected during the blow.

“There was a class for people with special abilities (near the blast scene). At least 22 of them were in the class. 18 of them have been wounded. Two of them are in critical condition,” said Gul Ahmad Rustami, head of the martyrs and disabled office, as TOLOnews quoted.

While the Taliban continue to shed bloods of innocent people throughout the country, locals and familis of the victims question the government for their inabilities to protect its citizen from harm by any terrorist group.

“How long should we live like this? How long will the Taliban continue the bloodshed?” asked Hazrat Gul, a wounded resident of Ghor, as reported.

“Five of my sons have been wounded. I lost two of my brothers in this blast. I don’t have the money for their treatment,” said Wali Mohammad, father of the wounded persons and a Ghor resident.

No group or individual has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.


  • Muhammad Arif Sheva holds a B.A degree in Journalism from Int'l Peace Leadership College Rizal, Philippines. Sheva works as an editor and content writer for Khaama Press.