Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Chinese mine workers leave Afghanistan due to instability

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Officials in the ministry of mines of Afghanistan announced that a number of Chinese workers in Aynak Copper Mine have left Afghanistan due to secrurity threats.

Afghan mines minister Wahidullah Shahrani earlier said militants groups are attacking the Aynak Copper Mine and are looking to prevent copper extraction.

Aynak copper mine is one of the largest copper mines in the world which was awarded to a Chinese company.

Ahmad Tamim Asi chief of the public relations in the ministry of mines of Afghanistan said the extraction process in Aynak copper mine has not been affected after Chinese workers left Afghanistan and the Afghan government has taken necessar security precautions in this regard.

He said, “Only a few number of Chinese workers have left the Aynak copper mine due to security issues and not all of them. The workers will return back to Afghanistan as soon as the security improves.”

However local officials in Logar province did not confirm the security issues which forced Chinese workers to leave Afghanistan.

Provincial governor spokesman Din Mohammad Darwish said the security threats which were present in the past have been resolved now.

He said extraction in Aynak copper mine is vital for the local residents and they have vowed to prevent any security issues.

In the meantime Afghan mines ministry officials warned that extraction process in Aynak copper mine will face difficulties if the government does not take necessary steps to resolve the security threats.

This comes officials in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan where Hajigak iron ore is located also warned that the security situation was getting worse in the area.

Hajigak iron ore is one of the biggest iron ore deposit in the region.

Afghan government officials are optimistic regarding the natural resouces of Afghanistan which will help to improve the economy of Afghanistan once the international community reduce its donations to this country.

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