In recent weeks, the number of terrorist attacks, kidnappings, criminal offenses, and other similar occurrences has escalated across Afghanistan.

In the face of a rise in violence, Beijing has advised Chinese people in Afghanistan to move out of the country as soon as possible, and its organizations to take extra measures during these challenging times.

In the light of the deteriorating situation, the embassy of China in Afghanistan cautioned on Saturday that Chinese citizens and organizations should take special precautions and enhance their emergency readiness.

Through a statement issued on Saturday, the embassy of China in Kabul stated that “the conflicts in Afghanistan are constant” asking its nationals in Kabul to “be more cautious” and “urgently depart”.

China has attributed an increase in violence on the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) abruptly withdrawing troops from Afghanistan after almost two decades of deployment.

During a meeting with Afghanistan and Pakistan in June, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi remarked that the expedited departure of US forces constituted a “challenge” to Afghanistan, but that it might be good for the country’s long-term security.

China is not the only country cautioning its nationals to depart from Afghanistan as soon as possible. The US and the UK did advise their citizens to limit traveling to Afghanistan and warned the nationals in Afghanistan to consider leaving Afghanistan since the beginning of the year, given the tough security situations.


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