FILE PHOTO: Chief Negotiator Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai

KABUL, Afghanistan – Addressing Monday’s attack on Kabul University, Chief Negotiator Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai challenged the Taliban to end “brutal killing”, saying the group should agree to an “immediate ceasefire” if they really are committed to Afghan peace process.

“If the Taliban are committed to ending brutal killing of the people, they must agree to an immediate ceasefire and cut short hands of the enemy from the throat of the Afghan people,” said Stanekzai in a tweet.

“No one can acquit himself of such a murder and terror,” he added. “This is a test before God and the people of Afghanistan.”

While Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as Islamic State or IS) claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 19 and wounded further 22 in Kabul University, Afghan politicians hold the Taliban accountable for ongoing violence in the country.

“The brutal attack on the youth of Kabul University is an eternal shame on those who have disgraced humanity,” said Stanekzia. “The main source of these attacks are the same, but it has different branches.”

On Monday, Kabul University was attacked by gunmen that lasted at least six hours before they were taken down by Afghan security forces. Critique suggests the escalating violence is in contradiction to the ongoing peace process in Qatari capital Doha.