President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has promised that the cases of Pul Charkhi inmates would be reviewed for the second time.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the representatives of the inmates after laying foundation stones a number of new construction projects in the prison.

President Ghani said the cases of the inmates would be reviewed for the second time in a bid to ensure justice has been served in a proper way.

He said the demands of the inmates would be taken into consideration and the cases of the female inmates would also be reviewed for the second time, emphasizing that much attention is required to respond to the issues of women serving in the prison.

In regards to the transfer of certain prisoners to other jails in the provinces, President Ghani said the step should be taken in a transparent way and proper mechanism should be in place to ensure that rights of the prisoners are not comprised during the process.

He said a delegation would review the cases for the second time and another delegation works under the supervision of Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish to review the cases of the inmates sentenced to death.