The Defense Minister of Canada Harjit Sajjan spoke with the National Security Advisor Afghanistan following the deadly attack on Sikh temple in Kabul city.

“I spoke with Afghan National Security Advisor Dr. Mohib following the heinous attack on a Kabul Gurdwara. I’m encouraged by the steps taken to increase security for Afghan Sikhs, Hindus, and all minorities, as they work towards peace,” Mr. Sajjan said in a Twitter post.

A group of terrorists attacked the Sikh temple in Kabul city late last month, killing at least 27 people including an Indian national and wounding many others.

The offshoot of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, ISIS Khurasan, claimed responsibility for the attack.

This comes as the Hindu and Sikh communities in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of Nangarhar, recently decided to relocate to a third country following the attack.

A source within the Sikh community in Jalalabad city had earlier told The Times of India that they predict more attacks after deadly attack on Sikh temple in Kabul city.

The source further added that the Sikh community will most likely shift the ‘Saroop’ of Guru Granth Sahib to Peshawar Gurdwara in Pakistan.