Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau announced that the ongoing deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the Taliban together threatens Afghans, thus there will be a resettlement program for up to 20,000 Afghans.

The government of Canada has expressed its deep concern over the current state of Afghanistan and is trying to provide the vulnerable Afghans with safe places to live.

The announcement comes only hours after the Taliban grappled control over Afghanistan’s 18th province which brought the total geography of the fighters to more than half of the war-battered country.

Canada’s new plan not only includes 20,000 new visas for Afghans who have been forced to flee Afghanistan or are at risk of being killed by the Taliban but also for the Afghans who have already been seeking asylum in the country.

As per the new program, visas will be issued to the refugees who are sponsored by the government or privately and also by those families who have been living in Canada.

The decision over resettling Afghans comes a day after Canada announced to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan to secure the evacuation of its staff from the embassy in Kabul.

As the situation is getting worse with the passage of every single day, Afghans are striving to find any possible way out of Afghanistan to secure their lives.

Meanwhile, nearly 400,000 thousand people have been displaced internally in the past two months.