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Canada announces plans to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The parliament of Canada has announced plans to welcome more than one million new immigrants as permanent residents in coming three years.

The decision has reportedly been taken to offset Canada’s aging population and declining birth rate while growing its labor force.

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) has said “Thanks in great part to the newcomers we have welcomed throughout our history, Canada has developed into the strong and vibrant country we all enjoy.”

The Canadian officials have said the country will likely welcome 350,000 new immigrants during the current year while the number would grow to 360,000 in 2020 and 370,000 in 2021.

At least 286,000 new immigrants were welcomed during the year 2017, according to the officials.

The latest announcement by Canada follows the restrictive immigration policies adopted by certain western countries including United States.

This comes as there has been an unprecedented rise in the levels of refugees during the recent the recent years with the UNHCR figures showing around 68.5 million people have been forcibly displaced.

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  1. Dear All
    Its very good to hear that about more imegerants. But i do not know how to someone can apply for visa? Please let me to know thanks.

    • Hi this Aziz Rahman form Afghanistan Khost Province
      could you let me know about the process of apply for Canada Visa ?

  2. I want to apply for asylum A family member in this request to accept the immigration of a small six-personed family is a graduate of the faculty of political science I am looking forward to your cooperation Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif

    • Hi Iam Mohammad Mansour from kabul Afghanistan.the taleban come to kabul and its dangerous for I and my family to live more in kabul Afghanistan.we want that you help us in this career and we can immgrate to canada.please dont forget us .we are in danger

  3. That’s too good for refugees to stay in Canada permanently. So I wish to get visa of Canada..cause me and my family are also displaced forcedly..

  4. I have migrate from Afghanistan to Pakistan than from Pakistan to Turkey since Taliban wars but, unfortunately we are in a same condition. We are facing different types of difficulties in Turkey. We also want to have better life without any fear.

    • Dear Sir, It is respectfully requested that I am living in Afghanistan and facing some kinds of threats from the Taliban, we are not allowed to doing any kind of business and also not allowed to do any Government jobs, therefore it is requested to provide me VISA of Canada for living a Successful life. Canada also provide opportunities for Afghani Nationals and I have also need this kind of opportunity, I am very thankful to for this kind permission, Best Regards,. Zia Ul Haq

  5. I want go Canada for work and stay for good life please help me my what’s app number +93706041031 phone number +93780311212

  6. How to apply , we do not know, I really want to apply, please someone help us to apply visa for Canada in new immigration program of 2020. thank you

      • Hello, I am from Afghanistan. I am in the family of three. Bachelor of Law and Political Science. We are in a poor security and life threatening. I want to go to Canada with my family and we ask you to work with us and how to get immigration visas and how to get it. Thank you. Contact number: 0093786596431

  7. Hi, I am Omaid from Afghanistan I have a Bsc Degree with 12 years of working experience with National and international Organizations so is there any one who let me know that how can I register myself in New list of Canada emigrants form.

  8. I am Interested and looking for cooperation because i have worked with Canadian Army.
    Now i am living a risky life in a low economy situation.


    • I am freelance consultant for immigration to Canada .please contact me for your employment and immigration to Canada. My

  9. It is important to be honored from the government and the Canadian Parliament for admitting immigrants over the next three years, and I would also like to obtain the citizenship and authenticity of the Canadian government for how and in which way that is not clear for me .
    Best regards

  10. The Canadian government could simply provide incentives for people to have more children. The reason they don’t do this is because they want European (‘white’) people to become a small minority and eventually disappear. Many other Western governments are doing the same thing, so it appears that Europeans are being targeted for total destruction.

  11. dear sir /Madam
    I am one of the SIV applicant ,and there is loge number of applicants which are waiting for visa ,and it will be also a good opportunity for SIV Afghan Applicants.If you add visa for them. who worked with the US arm.

  12. To whom it may concern !
    Would you tell us about the process and how to apply for this immigration visa and get this opportunity, is there any charge on us?
    Thank you

    • How to apply , we do not know, I really want to apply, please someone help us to apply visa for Canada in new immigration program of 2020. thank you

  13. Hello : I am a Doctor and any one knows the living in afghanistan is not Secure espesialy for Doctors so please kindly request to some one tell me for Immigration ligally rules of Canada

  14. Dear sir,
    We are five family members from Afghanistan due to security reason, unemployment and…etc we want to immigrate to Canada so you are kindly requested to assist us and thanks for your offers.


    • Dear sir my name is jawad Iam from Afghanistan Due to finanacial problems also i want to pursue my education in canada you requested to reply me +930781107154

  15. Dear Sir/Madam
    With Due respect, How to apply for CANADA VISA , we do not know, I really want to apply, please someone help us to apply visa for Canada in new immigration program of 2020.

    Thank you
    Zabiullah Nawabi

    • How we can apply for canada?
      we don’t have any information, please help us, thank you
      How we can apply for studing& living or working? I am 29 years old

  16. Dear All;
    Please be informed that only professional people can go to Canada. Not all or every one and the apply method is only for educated people who can fill it by himself. we can’t support or teach them that ow to apply?
    Follow the rules and regulation and step wise go a head.

  17. Iam from Afghanistan ism suffering very bad situation please help me my father has killed by Taliban and we came to Pakistan

  18. Sir I’m sports girl from Afghanistan
    Sir I’m sports girl and my father was Afghanistan police sports trener your know everything changed in Afghanistan my family having Enmity with some people they’re working with taliban they’re killed 9 members from my family now we are life very difficult please help me as soon as possible out my family from Afghanistan and Pakistan we are going to killed
    Thank you very much
    Your sensery

  19. Hello, I am from Afghanistan, my name is Noor Haman, I am 19 years old, I have studied until the twelfth grade. The injection is not available in my country. I hope that you can help me in the process of sending me to another country. If you can help me to save a human life. The patent name is hemopilia A


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