According to local authorities in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, British troops based in southern Helmand province killed two of their comrades in a friendly fire in this province.

Provincial security chief spokesman Farid Ahmad Farhang confirming the report said the incident took place in Greshk district while British troops were patrolling in the area.

Mr. Farhang further added, “A group of British troops opened fire on an Afghan national police and killed him.”

He said, “British troops were then attacked by a group of other British soldiers who were also patrolling in the area, killing two service members.”

The incident took place on Wednesday evening around 5 pm local time at Malgir area in Greshk district.

This comes as Afghan security forces have repeatedly attacked NATO troops in Afghanistan however this is the first incident where NATO troops have been mistakenly killed by their comrades.

The green on blue attacks in Afghanistan created tensions among the Afghan and NATO officials and the Afghan defense ministry during the recent months dismissed several Afghan national army officers suspected of having difficulties in their documents.

Meanwhile local officials in Helmand province said the deceased Afghan police officer was also mistakenly killed by British troops while he was preparing for the prayers.

Reports suggest that British troops are patrolling in local clothings in order to capture the militants which resulted in death of two British soldiers who were also patrolling in the same area.