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Britain to transfer detainees to Afghan authorities

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UK transfer Afghan detaineesThe British defense ministry has announced that Afghan detainees being held by British forces will be handed back to Afghan authorities.

Up to 90 suspected insurgents have been stuck in limbo in Camp Bastion with lawyers arguing that it is both illegal to hold them without charge and illegal to hand them to the Afghan courts for trial.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said he was confident safe guards had now been put in place to “ensure detainees will not be at risk of mistreatment”.

Mr Hammond quoted by Telegraph said, “We have been working to identify a safe transfer route to Afghan custody and I am pleased that this work has come to fruition.”

He said, “I very much hope we do not face any further legal impediments in the British courts which could prevent us from transferring these detainees and force us to hold them for even longer in Camp Bastion.”

British defense minister Philip Hammond last year imposed a ban on transfer of suspected militants to Afghan security forces following reports of mistreatment by Afghan forces.

The decision follows revelations that last week up to 90 Afghans were being held by British forces at Camp Bastion. According to the UK lawyers the detainees had been held for up to 14 months without charge and urged High Court to free the men.

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