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Britain to pull out nearly all its troops from Afghanistan

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After reports on Biden’s plan to keep U.S troops in Afghanistan beyond the May 1st deadline, which the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The United Kingdom has established plans to hand over control of the academy in Kabul where British troops used to train Afghan soldiers, the times reported.

Britain currently has 750 troops stationed in Afghanistan, the UK is expected to nearly withdraw all of its troops from the country.

This comes as Washington Post: – President Joe Biden will withdraw U.S troops from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks on the Twin towers in New York.

According to the Washington Post, the Taliban vowed to retake offensives on U.S and NATO forces in Afghanistan, so far it is unclear whether the Taliban will practically implement their threats against US and international troops.

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce his decision on Wednesday in regards to troops withdrawal extension, Washington Post reported.

There are 2,500 U.S troops stationed in Afghanistan, the statistical figure of the residing troops is not exact, but there are additional 7,000 Coalition and NATO troops in the country.

Soon after the US forces’ withdrawal timeline from Afghanistan was leaked through the US media channels, the Taliban announced they will not attend any conference on Afghanistan until the full withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan is completed.

According to sources close to the Biden administration who have spoken to the US media channels, the US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan will be completed by 9/11, 2021 which will be officially announced by the Biden administration on Wednesday.

Dr. Mohammad Naeem Wardak, a spokesperson to the Taliban group in Qatar in a tweet has said that until the full foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban group will not participate in any conference on Afghanistan.

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