The top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller said it is necessary to bring Afghans back together including Taliban for the sake of peace in Afghanistan.

Gen. Miller made the remarks at a media roundtable during the last session of NATO defense ministerial in Brussels.

He was responding to a question regarding the threats the foreign terror groups including ISIS and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba could pose to international community and Afghanistan following a peace deal with Taliban and the U.S. and NATO post-peace deal plans to deal with the issue.

Peace talks with Taliban

This comes as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had earlier said that Washington expects a peace deal with Taliban sometimes in September, apparently pointing towards a possible peace deal ahead of the presidential elections.

The NATO Secretary General had also said that the international community is close to a peace deal with Taliban.

Responding to a question regarding Secretary Pompeo’s remarks about peace deal with Taliban, Gen. Miller said “What I heard was him urging Afghanistan to put aside differences whether it be political and come together to strive for peace as soon as possible.”

Furthermore, he said “I understand why he is talking about that. Peace; you know, bringing the Afghan people back together; Taliban, government, civil society, is something we believe is necessary because this a country that has been through 40 years, actually longer than 40 years of some level of violence and it is time now with this opportunity to secure the peace.”

In regards to NATO’s role post-peace deal with Taliban, Gen. Miller said “As for the role of NATO, that certainly would be discussed, there is no conclusive position on NATO, at this stage, it is part of the discussions, discussions of what might happen as we go forward.”

Meanwhile, he emphasized “But again, you heard me talking about Daesh, they are very dangerous and they will have to be addressed.”


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