Afghan army struck on Qaisari’s home with helicopter gunships on Sunday as Qasari has refused to surrender to Afghan security forces, sources confirmed.

The Afghan security forces have been unable to detain Nizamuddin Qaisari and his 150 armed men after 18-hour battle in Mazar-e-Sharif of Balkh province.

General Mohammad Ajmal Fayez, police chief for Balkhi province confirmed that he has received the detention order of Nizamuddin Qaisari from the central government.

Enayatullah Babur Farahmand, a close ally of General Dostum has posted on his Facebook wall that he is in the Balkh governor’s office negotiating Qaisari’s issue to end the dispute.

As we are busy negotiating Qaisari’s matter in Balkh governor’s office, commandos have reached near Qaisari’s home and have already started battles, Farahmand has written.

This comes as the powerful warlord Nizamuddin Qaisari, the ex police chief for Faryab province was arrested last year by the government in accusation of ‘misuse of power’ and ‘illegal acts’ charges, but he was later released.

Nizamiuddin Qaisari was a warrior commander of General Dostum, but lately their relationships have been strained.


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