December 17, 2017

Bollywood actress angers India with Playboy shoot‎

By Sajad - Thu Jul 26 2012, 12:01 pm

A Bollywood starlet has become the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy, sparking a wave of criticism in her home country where the magazine is banned.

Sherlyn Chopra, 28, caused outrage after tweeting some pictures from the photoshoot which will be in the November issue. The magazine is banned in India but can be accessed on the internet.

The 28-year-old actress admitted it was “not easy” to pose for the shoot but explained that she could not “miss the opportunity of posing nude for the world’s most established adult magazine”.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has confirmed in a tweet that Sherlyn will appear in the magazine’s November issue.

India is not only battling an epidemic of sex crimes against women, but also finding it increasingly difficult to comfortably integrate Western moral standards with Indian traditions in an increasingly globalized world.

Columnists have dismissed her as a C-list actress while others have laid a more serious charge, pointing that India is already struggling to control an epidemic of sex crimes.

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  1. O God some of our people blindly follow and copy these daal khors… Please don’t let any of our women to get nude in front of a camera! 

  2. Sherlyn Chopra who is not ready to pose for playboy magazine in India Play boy magazine is India sex crime against women it’s not easy to cope up with western culture. But for the career purpose they should have do it…

  3. Its about time India wake up. you all can watch jism 2 starring a porn star while the whole movie has no plot n complain when some woman actually dares to go public with her all shout n scream at women being raped across the country but you dont see that its us, the people and our mentality has gone wrong.sherlyn is not the frst woman to go nude infront of the camera.till Raj kapoor had nude scenes in EVERY one of his movies.Shashi Kapoor and  Simi Garewal did hermann hesses’s Siddhartha where Simi was nude.we are the makers of kama sutra. we did mera naam joker.sherlyn is not the first woman to go nude on camera as an indian theres priya rai the porn star u dont talk about them.  All u ppl need are issues. do u even know what contribution she has done for this country?do any of you know what playboy stands for? what hugh helfner has done for his country?i bet your asses when the issue comes out it’l be the biggest sale of that magazine and everyone of you will be wanking out in your bathrooms over out.

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