December 16, 2017

Bollywood actor John Abraham nearly killed in film shooting

By Sajad - Thu Sep 27 2012, 9:31 pm

Bollywood actor John Abraham reportedly suffered a near-fatality on the set of Shootout at Wadala.

This is one incident that neither John Abraham nor Anil Kapoor or anybody associated with the unit of Shootout At Wadala (SAW) would forget. The incident took place on Monday night at Haffkine Institute, where Sanjay Gupta and his cast were who were shooting an important scene of the film.

The incident occurred during the shooting of the film’s climactic scene. Co-star Anil Kapoor, who plays police officer Isaque Bagwan, was meant to shoot a blank bullet at Abraham from 15 feet away, but the bullet was fired at a distance of 1.5 metres, The Times of India reports.

Accidents on the sets are unfortunate, but are an unavoidable risk that B-town folks face, especially in making exciting thrillers. Be it technicians, stuntmen, actors or even directors, they have all at some point fought with death; sometimes they were lucky and sometimes not.

John was shot from a very close range,which caused higher impact of the shot. But, luckily John did not get hit in the middle of his neck,the bullet simply grazed the left side of his neck.Everybody panicked when John fell to his right side. Immediate action was taken towards the team and a doctor visited John on the sets.

A source who witnessed the incident quoted by TOI said, “There was utter panic all around. Everybody realised what could have happened if Kapoor timed his shot well. Gupta screamed and demanded an explanation for the miscalculation of distance.”

Abraham, who plays gangster Manya Surve in the film said, “It would have been all over for me on September 23. I still can’t believe that I am alive.”

“My neck was burnt and the wound is still there on my collar bone. It hurts. But I am carrying out my day-to-day work pretending as if nothing has happened. I shall definitely take a long time to forget what happened at Haffkine Institute”, John said.

Anil Kapoor, who confirmed the incident, said that John was very fortunate and sporting.

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  1. John Abraham is very famous actor in indian cinema but he is doing any work himself may be it is right or wrong it depend on her mind , Mostly time John Abraham do every work verry carefully in film indusries..


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  2. bas ker do bas

  3. That must be a lucky day for john!! But his sporting nature is truly appreciated. He must have worked really hard for the movie and that hardwork paid him off back with the great success of the movie. John should probably take up serious roles that suit him more. He truly justified his roles in movies like Force and SAW .

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