Boko Haram

The Nigerian militant group of Boko Haram or Jama’at Ahl al-Sunnah Lil Dawa Wal Jihad who recently pledged allegiance with ISIS adopted a new name.

They are now calling their area as “Islamic State’s West Africa Province” or ISWAP, based on reports published in Nigerian media.

Boko Haram which means “Western education is forbidden” was founded in 2002 but they began their military operation in 2009. Their military operation began in Nigeria but later spread to other neighboring countries in West Africa including Cameroon.

According to an estimation published by Amnesty International in January, Boko Haram force had a force of around 15,000 fighters.

Also fresh reports have emerged that the group has killed hundreds of people in the north-east Nigerian town of Damasak.

Officials said on Monday that Boko Haram is behind the hundreds of decomposing bodies found littering the streets of Damasak.

About three months before the terrorist group in a single attack killed at least 2, 000 people and burned their villages in northern Nigeria.

The group last year kidnapped more than 200 school girls from Borno state of Nigeria and later announced that the girls were married to their fighters.

Islamic State (Previously known as ISIS/ISIL) accepted the allegiance of Boko Haram on 13 March, 2015.