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Bodies of Pakistanis killed in Ghazni city being shifted to Pakistan: Khattak

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The leader of the Awami National Party of Pakistan Afrasiab Khattak has said that the dead bodies of the Pakistanis killed in Ghazni city clashes, are being shifted to Pakistan.

Khattak was citing reports regarding the killing and apprehension of several Pakistani militants during the Ghazni clashes as he asked the Pakistani authorities in for an explanation.

Calling the involvement of the Pakistani militants the repetition of the Jalalabad fiasco in 1989, Khattak said authorities in Pakistan must change its policy.

This comes as the Afghan defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami said Monday that the attack on Ghazni city was carried out by Taliban with the support of foreign militants, including Pakistanis, Chechens, and Arabs.

In regards to the casualties of the militants, Bahrami said at least 194 militants have been killed so far, including 12 of their senior commanders.

He also added that more than 147 militants have sustained injuries while 20 civilians were also killed during the clashes.

This comes as clashes continue between the Taliban militants and the Afghan forces in Ghazni city since early Friday.

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    • Ofcourse Pakistan is responsible for this because Afghanistan always want to control and guard all of their border but no one wants Afghanistan government to be able and to be strong enough to guard their borders that is why pakistan is continuously sending Taliban to fight against the afghan army and they always try to make their army useless because they don’t want peace in Afghanistan 

    • Afghanistan forces are incapable to stop terrorism forget guarding the border, US and allies are keeping them afloat.
      They lack all kind of resources
      Afghanistan is poorest country in region
      Pakistan army Is quite stable

  1. Paki’s are getting desperate. The rupee is collapsing. Their debt is 83 percent of their GDP. They have no ability to collect taxes to pay it and they are in a balance of payment crisis. They need the Taliban to succeed and succeed now. So they’re sending Pakistani’s and invading Afghanistan. Never forget this senseless violence. When the Punjabi’s do collapse, their blood must spill for at least half a century.

    • Just because of this ill logical and stupid thinking… Afghan blood is spilling since century…. Lemme tell u… Ur problem is you….once u ll realize how badly have u been manipulated by indians….it would be too late.. 

    • My dear brother You have no need to worry abt Pakistan’s internal matters. We know better than you. You tell us what Ur intelligence did in collaboration with Raw against Pakistan 

  2. How can taliban make our economic condition better by capturing your wretched country afghanistan? Due to your these logics your country is a collective failure. AT LEAST WE ARE IN RACE OF MAKING OUR COUNTRY BETTER. What are you conspiracy nut jobs up to?

  3. The pakistani army and ISI is behind this operation. They want to bring taliban govt so that they can use Afghanistan as a client state. Shame on paki army and ISI.


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