Luxury German carmaker BMW debuted a fascinating and futuristic new concept at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: A car with the ability to change colors on the fly.

Rather than standard metal panels, the concept car features e-ink technology — the same tech that’s used to power Amazon’s wildly popular e-reader, the Kindle — as a means of changing colors in an instant.

The concept was shown off in real-time with a modified version of the BMW iX, the company’s new flagship electric SUV, during CES this week in Las Vegas.

Beyond the car’s panels, there are also e-ink panels in the wheels that enable those to change as well. 

“In the future, BMW customers may change the color of their car with the push of a button,” BMW project lead Stella Clarke said in a video announcing the new prototype.

When that future remains to be seen: BMW didn’t say when the “Flow” technology it debuted this week is coming to any of its cars, but it stands to reason that it would arrive on the upcoming BMW iX model first.

The company’s first all-electric SUV is scheduled to begin arriving in pre-order customers this March.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.