Pakistani paramilitary troops and an ambulance arrive at the site of bomb explosion in Quetta, Pakistan, Friday, Jan. 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Arshad Butt)

A powerful explosion ripped through a religious school during a Taliban meeting on Friday evening in Quetta, Pakistan claiming at least 30 dead including key Taliban and ISI members, a security source confirmed.

A reliable Afghan security source from the who did not want to be named in the report told Khaama Press that according to intelligence reports, the explosion took place when several key Taliban members including Sheikh Abdul Hakeem (Taliban’s supreme judge), Sheikh Abdul Hakim’ss brother, 3 Pakistan’s ISI members and some drug smugglers were sitting together on Friday evening in a religious school, besides a prayer mosque in Ishaqabad area, in Quetta of Pakistan.

“The explosion has occurred during an important meeting between the Taliban militants, ISI members, and drug smugglers”, the source said.

According to this Afghan security source, at least 30 people have been killed in this explosion including 3 ISI members, Sheikh Abdul Karim’s brother, Haji Mohammad Halim, Mawlavi Haji Ahmad Khan, Gul Agha Akhund, Mawlavi Amanullah and Haji Ahmad Khan, who were key Taliban members.

Sheikh Abdul Hakeem has been seriously injured, the source said.

The security source believes that the motive behind this explosion is due to the recent internal conflicts between the Taliban members.

But, according to Pakistan news agencies, the incident has taken place in a mosque during an evening prayer time, killing a senior police officer, 13 civilians and injuring 20 other worshippers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Baluchistan’s chief minister, Jam Kamal Khan, condemned the attack. In a statement, Pakistan’s military said soldiers were at the scene of the attack to assist civil authorities.

The ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing, according to the SITE intelligence group.


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