Before everyone carried an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone, many gadget fans opted for a BlackBerry.

The internet-enabled keyboard-toting smartphones were the hottest business accessory and were favored by the likes of Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian. But, sadly, BlackBerry’s fortunes diminished as the iPhone gained popularity.

Now it appears that all former BlackBerry devices will cease to function properly as the company is stopping all software support for them.

“As of this date, devices running these legacy services and software through either carrier or Wi-Fi connections will no longer reliably function, including for data, phone calls, SMS, and 9-1-1 functionality,” said the company in a statement dated December 22, 2021. 

“We thank our many loyal customers and partners over the years,” the company added.

Services for the phones will be brought to an end today, January 4. After which, BlackBerry says the devices will ‘no longer reliably function.’

This includes being able to make phone calls, send texts, receive data, or contact emergency numbers.

According to The Guardian, Blackberry at its peak in 2009 owned 20% of the global smartphone market but was soon overtaken in the early 2010s by touchscreen devices like the iPhone. 

Now, Blackberry has pivoted to become a cybersecurity firm, netting around a billion dollars in revenue in 2020.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.