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Biden kept classified Afghanistan war documents at home: Special Counsel Report

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

The released special counsel report on Thursday revealed that President Joe Biden deliberately held onto and shared highly classified information, even during his time as a private citizen. This included details concerning military and foreign policy matters related to Afghanistan. However, the report ultimately determined that there were no grounds for criminal charges against him.

Special counsel Robert Hur’s report marks the conclusion of a year-long criminal investigation that loomed over President Biden’s administration. However, its sharply critical evaluation of his management of sensitive government documents and unflattering portrayal of his memory will undoubtedly raise new doubts regarding his competence and age. These issues strike at the core of voters’ concerns about his suitability for reelection.

Meanwhile, the report included handwritten notes to former President Barack Obama from 2009. These notes opposed the planned increase in troops in Afghanistan, along with other notes related to intelligence briefings and national security meetings.

However, it has been said that Mr. Biden will not face criminal charges.

The special counsel of the US Department of Justice described Joe Biden as “an elderly man, well-intentioned, and with a weak memory.”

According to this report, Biden could not recall when he was vice president during interviews, and when his son passed away.

The US Department of Justice report said Joe Biden “intentionally” kept classified documents from his time as vice president at home and in his office, but there are no accusations against him.

Robert Hur wrote in his report that Biden’s memory during interviews with the prosecution team was “severely limited.”

The report also noted that Biden’s actions potentially put national security at risk as these highly sensitive pieces of information could either disappear or fall into the hands of America’s enemies.

Biden’s attorneys wrote in their opinions about this report that considering Biden should have explained events of the previous year, this memory lapse was not extraordinary, and such matters should not be included in the Department of Justice report.

In response to the special prosecutor’s report, Biden said in a speech in Virginia, “My memory is good.”

In response to the prosecutor’s remark that Biden couldn’t recall the time of his son’s death, he said, “How dare he bring up that issue. Frankly, when I was asked that question, I said to myself that it has nothing to do with their damn business.”

Biden pointed out that he cooperated with the investigation and returned classified documents without any obstruction, contrary to Trump’s actions.

Donald Trump, referring to the dropping of charges against Joe Biden in connection with holding classified documents on one hand and continuing similar accusations against himself on the other, said on Truth Social that the US judicial system is “two-tiered” and selectively prosecutes individuals.

Trump considers the four criminal complaints against him, including in connection with holding classified documents, as politically motivated and says Biden is behind these complaints.

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