Bid to defame a prominent Afghan TV artist and media activist Ibrahim has sparked widespread anger among the people as the media advocates call for the immediate arrest of those involved behind the defamation bid.

A group of unknown individuals recently shared a video of Abid as he is seen under heavy influence of drugs with the perpetrators claiming that the artist has used alcohol.

The individuals also insult Abid for his sarcastic performances on TV and criticizing the people during the TV shows.

In the meantime, the social media users have started a widespread hashtag campaign online in support of Abid as they condemn the act.

The social media users and activists compare the move against Abid to those of the militant groups who are opposing with the freedom of speech and open media.

The video has reportedly been recorded a year ago and it is believed that some individuals had mixed raw Hashish to the food of Abid in a bid to take him hostage and restrict his media activities.

On the other hand, the NAI organization, which supports open media in Afghanistan raised voice in support of Abid and condemned the act against him.

NAI in a statement said “Nai asks judiciary procedure for those who filmed an Afghan media worker while being in trance.”