mubarizThe Afghan Mixed Martial Art fighter Baz Mohammad Mubariz defeated his Kyrgyz opponent in the first round of his fight in Octagon Fighting Sensation on Thursday night.

The Octagon Fighting Sensation 9 was organized in Kyrgyzstan with Mubariz facing Kyrgyz fighter Arzybek Abdykayumov.

Mubariz started the fight aggressively with back to back punches to his opponent as he was apparently looking to knock out him during the initial minutes of the fight.

However, he was forced to take down Abdykayumov after receiving a punch that put into a difficult situation but ended the fight with an armbar submission as over 3 minutes were remaining from the first round.

This was Mubariz’s second victory following his major win against one of Russia’s MMA champions in Octagon Fighting Senation 8 organized in May.

Mubariz defeated Katkov during the first round of the match by starting the game aggressively and taking down his opponent during the initial seconds of the game.

He ended the match in his favor finishing Katkov with a rear naked choke submission.

Mubariz opened his way to the Russian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) clubs following a voting competition last year.

Mubariz secured first place in “Striking Eagles” fighting contest which was organized by Absolute Championship Berkut and received 7,516 votes during the contest which was held for a period of two weeks in the month of October.

He was selected among the 30 fighters of the world by ACB during the initial phases of the contest where 450 fighters from different countries participated.