March 21, 2018

Barack Obama apology to Afghanistan over Quran burning

By Ghanizada - Thu Feb 23 2012, 8:35 pm

US President Barack Obama following an official memo sent his apologies to Afghan president Hamid Karzai and Afghan people for the burning of Holy Quran in Bagram air base, and emphasized that the action was not taken intentionally.

According to a statement issued by Afghan Presidential Palace, president Obama’s Obama’s letter was brought by the US ambassador for Afghanistan Ryan Crocker to Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Afghan officials said, US president Barack Obama assured president Hamid Karzai in his letter to launch a probe and emphasized that it was mistake.

President Barack Obama quoted by the Afghan Presidential Palace statement said, “I convey my deepest regret for the incident and apologize from yourself and the people of Afghanistan.”

A number of the local labors in the Bagram air base while throwing away the unnecessary documents out of the Bagram air base noted some texts and burnt parts of the Holy Quran.

The broadcast of the news led to a massive gathering of the Afghans near the Bagram air base and the angry protesters set blaze to an Afghan military base located near the Bagram air field.

The protests spreaded to the other parts of the country during the second day of the demonstrationwhere at least 6 people were killed.

Eastern Nangarhar province and a number of the other provinces witnessed some demonstrations by angry protesters during the third day of the protest.

According to local authorities in eastern Nangarhar province, angry protesters attacked a military base in this province where the security forces were forced to open fire.

Reports suggest at least 8 people including 2 NATO troops were killed during the third day of the demonstrations.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai condemning the desecration of the Holy Quran and urged the Afghan people to prevent further unrest.

However neither the remarks by Afghan president Hamid Karzai nor the apologies by NATO officials have been able to reduce the anger of the protesters.

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  1. @George Douglas: I agree with you only a bit, but I disagree with you on the rest of your statement. First of all, as a veteran, you should not be ashamed of your president. President Obama apologizing for the burning of the Quran does not mean that he is weak as a leader, it is actually very classy act and it puts the U.S and the citizens of the U.S. in a good light. I think you should be proud as a veteran and proud of President Obama for his bright and clever behaviors. As an Afghan, now residing in the U.S. and as a U.S. Citizen, to be honest with you, I don’t want the troops to return, for their presence in Afghanistan is very essential. Not only important for U.S. but for Afghanistan as well. I would love to see troops to come back, but I think it is too early as you know that Taliban is still present and I don’t understand why the Afghan and U.S. govts are trying to negotiate with Taliban. Their ideal and mindset is to take back the country to the stone age and if they get the chance, they will take the whole world back to the stone age era. And, speaking of Islam, it is not an ancient or stone age religion, it is actually still considered a new religion, for it is far more newer than Bhuddism and Christianity. As an Afghan I get sad when I see the people in Afghanistan despite of all the problems that they have been enduring for the past 30+ years still sinking deeply into religion, which will take them nowhere. Thank God that I am not religious. Having faith is always good, but causing a chaos over the burning of Quran is not necessary, but they do and those who burned it they know that it is a very sensitive issue to cause problems. It is either the dirty act of Taliban themselves or it is just another political game, or it could be the work of some nobody just to cause problem.

  2. Who’s Barack going to apologize to for the killing of the Americans?  Us?

  3. Look, folks!  His name is AFGBOY. Maybe he should take his slanted opinion back to the country he came from.

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