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Bank E Milli Afghan

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Bank-e- Millie Afghan is the first and foremost banks in Afghanistan, established in 1933. Bank-e- Millie Afghan introduced the banking system in Afghanistan and is  enjoying  its 75th years of fame, reliance   and  having recognition both  inside and out side Afghanistan.

The bank initiated its operations on initial investment assets of AFN. 9,6 Million, (72%) was related to private sector and (28%) to the government. It was fully nationalized by the government in 1976.

Right from the date of establishment  Bank-e- Millie Afghan is determined to mainly operate for the  development in major fields of trades, commercial industries and agriculture, it is equipped with all types of possibilities and geared up to provide best banking services to its customers .

Based on article No: 22 of the banking law of Afghanistan, Bank-e- Millie Afghan  is being lead by the following organs:

  • Shareholders General Assembly as a highest decision making organ.
  • Board of Supervisors that is responsible to oversee activities of top management of the bank and to provide leadership to the bank.
  • Board of Management as a responsible organ for managing and directing the bank toward its primary objectives as well as responsible for overall implementation and management of financial objectives, policies and strategic plans. It also provides leadership for over all departments of the bank.
  • Internal Audit committee is responsible for conducting independent audits of financial records and control procedures to ensure that the bank is in compliance with the governing  laws and regulations.

BMA Main Office Contact

Digital: (0) 93 20 2102 221
Fax:     (0) 93 20 2101 801
P.O Box: 522


Bank-e- Millie Afghan
Jade Ibne Sina – Kabul Afghanistan

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